Everything You Need To Know About Product Photography

Product photography is a tool that gives your images the same quality as professional photography. It’s not just limited to product photos either – there are plenty of other situations where you can use product photography to stand out in your industry and make your company more recognizable than the others.

What is Product Photography?

Product photography is the process of taking images of products for use on the web, in marketing materials and in product catalogs. Product photography can be a complex and time consuming process, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be a rewarding one.

Product photography can be divided into two main categories: product shots and product detail shots. Product shots are typically taken from a distance to show off the product’s form and features. Product detail shots are taken closer up to show specific details about the product, like the stitching on a shirt or the color of a lipstick.

Types of Products that Need Product Photography

Product photography is a great way to show off your product and make it look its best. Here are some tips for photographing different types of products:

  • Bags, cases and other packaging: Use natural light or artificial lighting to create the perfect photo backdrop. If you’re using artificial lighting, make sure the light is balanced and consistent throughout the photo.
  • Clothing and accessories: Shoot in natural light or with artificial lighting to create the perfect atmosphere for your product. Use props and accessories to bring out the features of your product.
  • Home goods: Use natural light or artificial lighting to create the perfect photo backdrop. Add personal touches like flower arrangements or art for an extra creative touch.

Choosing a Camera

There are a lot of cameras on the market today, so it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. To help make your decision, we’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about product photography cameras.

Camera types: digital SLR cameras, mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILCs), point and shoot cameras, and video cameras

Digital SLR cameras: The most common type of camera used for product photography. They offer the most features and are usually the most expensive. However, they also have the biggest sensors, which means they can capture more detailed images.

Mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras (MILCs): MILCs are similar to digital SLRs, but they have smaller sensors and fewer features. This makes them less expensive than digital SLRs, but they don’t offer as much control over your images. They’re perfect if you want to take photos without having to carry around a lot of gear.

Point and shoot cameras: Point and shoots are lightweight and easy to use, which makes them great for beginners. However, they don’t offer as many features as digital SLRs or MILCs.

Choosing Lighting

When it comes to photography, one of the most important factors is light. Too much light and your images will come out overexposed and looking hazy, while too little light can make your subjects look dark and gloomy. The key to getting the perfect lighting for your photos is to experiment a little and find what works best for your subject and style. Here are some tips for choosing the right lighting for your product photography:

  1. Proper Exposure: One of the most important things to remember when choosing lighting is to properly expose your images. Too much light will result in an overexposed image, while too little light will result in an underexposed image. To get the perfect exposure, use a meter or manual exposure settings to test different lighting scenarios until you find what works best for your image.
  1. Use Natural Lighting: If you want to shoot with natural light, be sure to position yourself so that the sun is behind you or to your left. This type of light is warm and flattering, making it ideal for products that are meant to look feminine or elegant.
  1. Use Artificial  Lighting: One of the most important things to remember when photographing products is to use artificial lighting. This will help to make your photos look more professional and will make it easier to create high-quality images. You can use any kind of artificial light, including LED ring lights, strobe light, and flashlights.

Choosing Resolution

The resolution of a product photograph is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when creating imagery for your products. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right resolution for your product images: 

  • You’ll want to make sure that your images are large enough to be legible and viewable on screen, but not so large that they take up too much disk space or memory on your device. The recommended resolution for online product photography is 1920×1080 pixels, but you can also shoot at 1280×720 or even 640×360 pixels.
  • You’ll also want to make sure that your images are high enough quality for print purposes. Most printers will accept images up to 300 dpi, which should be sufficient for most products. However, if you’re planning on using your images in a larger publication such as an eBook or magazine, you may want to up the resolution even more. A good rule of thumb is to aim for at least 600 dpi for print compatibility.

Taking Images

When it comes to product photography, you want to make sure that your images look good on all devices. You’ll need to capture images for both desktop and mobile devices. Here are some tips for doing justice to your product:

  • Use a tripod to ensure sharp photos.
  • Clean your camera lens before taking pictures. Dust and debris can cause blurry images.
  • Balance the composition of your image by including contrasting elements in your photo. This will help viewers focus on the product and make purchasing decisions easier.

Types of Photos that are Commonly Used in Marketing Campaigns

Product photography is a type of photography that is used to represent the product or service in a positive light. This type of photography can be used in marketing campaigns to show off the features and benefits of the product. Some common types of photos that are used in marketing campaigns are product shots, product close-ups, and product portfolios. 

When choosing which type of photo to use for your product campaign, it is important to consider the target audience. Product shots should be used to show off the product as a whole, while product close-ups should focus on specific features of the product. Product portfolios are often used to showcase all of the different types of products that are available from a company. By using these different types of photos, you can create a personalized impression for each of your customers.


When it comes to product photography, there is a lot you need to know. From understanding different angles and how to capture light correctly, to choosing the right equipment for the job, this guide has covered everything you need to get started in product photography. So if you’re ever feeling lost or unsure about how to take your photos next time you hit the studio, be sure to check out this guide!