Excellent Starting Point for an Investment : Stock Market

Stock Market

If you want to invest your money, you will definitely want to familiarize yourself with the stock market. Whilst it can seem confusing to start with, it is actually pretty simple to learn how to buy stocks on the stock market, or “jak kupić akcje na giełdzie” as they say in Poland. The stock market refers to the current financial trends surrounding the buying, selling, and trading of stocks, derivatives, commodities etc.

Books and website articles that contain stock market recommendations are an excellent starting point for investing, but before you jump into the nitty gritty of investments, you should make sure you’re familiar with the process of investing, and what you stand to gain – and possibly lose . There are many fake websites which will recommend stocks for their benefit , Beaware of those websites . Follow most famous websites in Your Country  ex:  moneycontrol.com etc .

Stocks are considered to be an equity investment, because you do in fact acquire equity when you buy a stock: partial ownership of the corporation you purchase the stock from. While it may be a small share, nevertheless that tiny sliver still gives you the right of being a shareholder. Track that Share atleast two or three months and see the performance of the Stock in past 2 to 5 Years .

And if you choose a common stock, while you won’t receive guaranteed payments, you will have a say in what the company does. But if you don’t care what the company does so long as you get paid, go for the preferred stock: preferred stocks guarantee payments, while the common stocks do not.


After you purchase a stock, your share will be recorded electronically, and will be held by the brokerage firm you use for investing. If you haven’t yet purchased a stock, you’ll definitely want to get in touch with a firm who can guide you in selecting the right stocks. If you’re new to the stock market, then they can show you portfolios of easy stocks that don’t come with great risk.

My Recommendation is Pick few top Stocks in all the Sectors and create a portfolio with all these stocks and monitor them daily , if You see any particular Stock is down then immediately buy it . Note : Make sure there is no bad news from that stock , it fall due to Stock market fall .

However, if you have a lot of money available for investing and don’t mind potential risk, be sure to let them know so they can show you high risk stocks that have the potential of earning you a lot of dividends. But you really should invest in some low-risk stocks, anyway, as these will provide you with guaranteed dividend payments, even if the individual payments aren’t all that great – still, money earned is better than money lost.