Gold, the Retirement Saver – An American Review

The past two years alone have left American retirees with withering retirement value and a scary sight for what’s to come. With inflation the highest it’s ever been in this country and no sign of it slowing down, the average retirement account will have 0 purchasing power within under 10 years. What does this mean for people who are planning to cash out their retirement accounts soon? That they need to take extra steps to ensure they save their wealth and make the most of the decades of hard work they already went through. It’s such a shame what is happening to this group of retirees and the rest of the American population- an incompetent presidency seen by those across the globe. A withering dollar that’s soon to be worth nothing. Inflation through the roof that’s bound to create a crash worse than the great depression. A future that is so bleak, not even the best president in the world can save this disgrace. 

What Can Be Done?

There are a few choices retirees have to save their wealth and live a life they have dreamt of for years. The choice that makes the most sense is to immediately roll over your 401k, IRA, Pension, or other savings account into a Gold. Why? Because gold, as well as other precious metals, has intrinsic value and can’t be printed into oblivion. They hold their value because of their finite supply. Investing in something that can’t be tarnished by an incompetent leader is a sure way to hedge against hyperinflation, global pandemics, and economic collapse. 

Why Now?

Inflation is up over 10% in the past year alone and there’s no plan in place to slow it down. In fact, Congress passed a $1.5 trillion bill in the past 3 weeks, which is just the cherry on top of our already $30 trillion country debt. The disgusting spending habits harming the global economy and especially the American people are not going to stop, and even if they did put measures in place now to do so, it’s already way too late. Americans that haven’t even been born yet will be working to pay off this debt for their entire lives, and current retirees are going to be the first line of casualties in this massacre of our wealth. The reason to take measures to combat these effects on your personal life is that they will allow you to come out of this unscathed and still live a normal retired life. The longer you wait, the better chance you have of putting your retirement at risk of the harmful effects leeching onto it all around us. 


All in all, with the recent global events, even Russia as a country is saving its citizens by returning to the gold standard. This is likely to become a more popular global trend as countries around the world lose trust in their allies and enemies. We’re at a turning point in history where America is no longer going to be the global superpower which is a direct response to this presidency and the loss of trust in our financial abilities.

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