How to Boost Your Intranet Engagement 

When you have spent a great deal of time and money putting in place an intranet system, you will certainly want to be doing as much as possible to get your members of staff properly engaged with it all. There are all sorts of ways in which your overall intranet engagement can be boosted to ensure that you are making the very most of it. So, let’s look at a few of the main methods that you have in front of you right here and now. 

Put Important Info Up on the Intranet 

In the first place, it is certainly going to be worthwhile ensuring that you are putting your important info up on the intranet. In this way, employees are more likely to go to it as a first port of call. Whether you are putting in place an intranet for finance or another type, there is no doubt that you need to keep on using it. If it becomes old and outdated, there is simply going to be no reason at all for people to keep on accessing it, which will inevitably have some overall negative consequences in terms of employee engagement. 

Have It Open Up Directly 

Another one of the main steps that you can take is to have the intranet open up directly when an employee logs onto their work computer. This way, it becomes naturally like a habit to look at it and not something that has to be accessed with effort. Ultimately, if you can reduce a step here, this can end up making a big overall difference. 

Use Employee Surveys 

A great way of increasing employee engagement levels is going to revolve around the use of employee surveys. Ultimately, it is certainly going to be worthwhile making sure that these are put up on the intranet and the results can often be displayed here as well. When people are using the intranet for surveys, it is much more likely that they are going to stick around and use the other elements of it as well. 

Make Your Training Intranet-Based 

The intranet can end up being so important when it comes to putting up a wide range of your training documents that current employees can go back and refer to as and when they need to. At the same time, you should also be ensuring that you are onboarding all new members of staff with intranet training. In this manner, you are going to be able to get them into good habits right from the outset. 

Make It Fun 

When you have an intranet, you do not have to be restricted to only using it in a way that is highly dry and uninteresting. Instead, it is certainly going to be worth upping the fun levels as much as you can, as well as encouraging your staff members to do the same as much as they possibly can. Then, you can make it a hive of activity that people will enjoy.