How to Save Money on Your Business Gas Bills

Improving energy efficiency has many advantages, particularly for businesses whose financial performance it can significantly affect. As well as positively impacting the environment, reducing energy waste can boost your financial standing.

There are several ways to reduce your business’s gas expenses by implementing practical and simple changes in the workplace. Regardless of your industry, whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, anyone can implement these tips and lower their business gas costs and improve their bottom line.

Switch and Compare Gas Providers

The first step to saving money and reducing your gas bill is to consider switching to a different gas provider. You might be overpaying on your gas bill if you’ve been on the same tariff for a while. 

Standard variable tariffs are typically more expensive than fixed energy tariffs. Finding a gas supplier who can provide a better deal that fits your business needs and budget is one way to ensure that you have an affordable energy plan.

You can use a price comparison website to compare business gas providers online and view the various tariffs to find the best deal. You might be charged an exit fee should you decide to switch energy suppliers before your contract expires. So start comparing and looking for a new gas provider at least one month before your contract expires.

Perform an Energy Audit

There is a misconception that energy audits are expensive and time-consuming. Most gas suppliers provide a free energy audit and provide you with practical steps you can take to lower your gas bill and where you can make changes. 

Energy audits performed by gas providers will look at areas where possible air leaks could cause your gas bill to increase. An auditor will typically inspect the following areas for air leaks:

  • Windows on the premises
  • Building’s external doors
  • Air vents
  • Office electrical outlets
  • The plumbing or pipes

Commercial Boiler Maintenance

A smart financial move that can help your company in many ways is to have your combi-boiler serviced once a year. It can help you save money, lessen the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning, and avoid expensive repairs brought on by faults.

Did you know that keeping your commercial boiler maintained regularly can help you save money on energy costs by at least 10 percent? When your boiler is well-maintained, it operates more efficiently, which results in a reduction in utility bills. Regular maintenance can also identify minor issues before they become more serious and costly. So it’s worthwhile to think about having your boiler serviced!

Check Radiators for Cold Spots

Use radiators in every part of your office and lower the flow temperature to keep your heating costs in check. Condensing boilers can help you save on gas costs because they operate more effectively at lower flow temperatures.

Ensuring your radiators are in good working order is crucial to avoid avoidable expenses. Use your hand to feel your radiators for any cold spots. Your system may have trouble heating up if only the top, sides, and corners feel warm because of a buildup of magnetite, or black sludge, produced by metal corrosion in the system.

Your radiators’ reduced energy output, longer heating times, and higher heating costs will result from a buildup of magnetite in them. The best remedy is to flush the magnetite from your boiler, pipes, and radiators. However, this entails additional costs for maintenance and overhead costs. Regular radiator maintenance is essential to avoiding any expensive problems.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

There is debate about whether it is good or bad for the boiler to turn off the radiator. To avoid disputes, consider replacing radiators with smart thermostats in an office environment. The Energy Saving Trust says a smart thermostat can reduce gas and energy bills by £75. 

With smart thermostats and smart heating controls, you can control your heating system from your phone, wherever you are. You can easily raise the temperature before employees arrive, turn off the heat remotely, or create schedules and programs like a traditional thermostat.

Install a Gas Smart Meter

Traditional gas meters give estimated readings without indicating how much gas is being used or a way to compare usage over a certain time frame. However, a smart gas meter for commercial use uses mobile phone technology to securely and reliably transmit meter readings to suppliers over long distances. 

This ensures you only pay for what you use and ensures accurate gas bills without expensive estimations. With a smart meter, you also have the advantage of keeping an eye on your company’s gas usage and cutting back when costs rise.

Final Thoughts

Businesses can improve their efficiency by using gas more effectively to reduce expenses. Small adjustments can be made to achieve this, like lowering the temperature on heaters, installing smart meters, and adding automatic doors. Visit for more advice on boosting productivity and cutting expenses.

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