Magento and Pimcore: What Do You Need to Know ?

Nowadays, many companies are merging their offline sales channels with e-commerce, and naturally, there is a need to manage and present products across multiple sales channels while maintaining consistency in content, availability, pricing, promotions, graphics, and many other aspects. This way you can get even more sales.

Product data and content is the de facto backbone of digital commerce operations, and when scattered and not consolidated into a single archive of personal data, it can make it difficult for different sectors of a company to work.

To date, there are a considerable number of sites for e-commerce. Someone uses Shopify, someone prefers Magento and Magento 2 development services, and someone prefers the Pin system. We will talk about the latter in more detail.

Without a PIM system, it is difficult to optimize workflows, which are the key to successful product merchandising in the digital ecosystem.

In addition, the lack of consolidation of this information can lead to communication gaps between product groups, marketing teams, creatives, and salespeople, ultimately making processes inefficient and time-consuming.

Magento and Pimcore

Magento is currently one of the most popular platforms in the e-commerce market, offers many opportunities to facilitate digital commerce business, and has established itself as the most competitive or near-competitive product on the market. In addition, it is one of the most “innovative” products in terms of the technology stack, as it has always been at the forefront in an ever-evolving market in recent years with GraphQl and Progressive Web Apps.

However, Magento has 2 weaknesses compared to its competitors: its customization, and specifically the PIM functionality, which is not robust enough to meet the needs of highly structured companies.

For this reason, a PIM solution is often associated with Magento, with a specific product.

How does Pimcore solve this problem?

Pimcore is an open-source digital engagement platform capable of handling any product data management and content management needs, no matter how large or varied. Pimcore can integrate, consolidate and manage any type and any amount of data, be it a product or another type.

It is compatible with multiple domains and media and is ideal for organizations of any size and in any industry: Pimcore master data management allows you to control a wide range of data assets, including product, customer, and supplier information.

Magento and Pimcore a winning combination

Pimcore and Magento are similar in technology stack – they both run on LAMP stacks (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) allowing for flexible integration with the same IT team that can work on both products. Pimcore’s extensive, stable and comprehensive APIs based on open standards also offer unlimited scope for innovation as needed.

Single platform: PIM, DAM, and WCM

Given the complexity and robustness of the digital commerce business, the value of product data requires multiple technological capabilities, and platforms such as MDM, PIM, and DAM: Pimcore integrates these modules to offer its users a complete and structured experience.

Open-source and royalty-free

Pimcore is available to businesses free of charge under an open-source software license, making it an ideal alternative to commercial enterprise data management and experience management solutions.

Magento Connector – Pimcore

Thanks to the connector available for integration between Magento and Pimcore, you can create, update and manage your product data right from the Pimcore admin panel, increasing the speed and scalability of processes.

This plugin also allows Pimcore to send product and category data to Magento e-commerce systems to speed up your omnichannel delivery, reduce time to market, and improve customer experience.

Therefore, Pimcore integrated with Magento is a really strong mix that will help you manage your sales more effectively. If you are not very familiar with this platform, then you can always turn to pimcore consultants for help.