Moving To Florida? 7 Things You Need To Thrive 

Moving to Florida can be a great option for people of all ages. It is an excellent place to retire, raise kids or enjoy a vibrant nightlife. You’ll need to prepare properly for any move, but having a solid plan can be invaluable if you’re moving long-distance.  

Some things are universal when moving to a new place, like finding housing, employment and a social circle. There are also some things that are unique to Florida, such as a wardrobe to suit the warm, humid Floridian weather.  


There is a lot of excellent housing available in Florida, and you’re sure to find something to suit your needs well. This could be a two-story family home, a chic apartment, or a cozy bungalow. Housing is often pricier in larger cities and cheaper further afield, so you’ll need to consider whether city life is worth the increase in cost.  


As with most states, a car is critical in Florida. While many areas of Florida have great public transport, having a car can bring you greater independence. You should look for a reliable vehicle and get it checked out by a professional mechanic before you make the purchase.  


House and auto insurance are crucial to protect your belongings and investments. You should always choose a reputable provider, like Atlantic Coast Insurance in Melbourne. It is best to get the highest level of insurance possible so that you aren’t too badly impacted if the worst happens. 

Social Circle 

Loneliness is one of the biggest problems that adults face in the US. Having a reliable circle of friends can make a massive difference to your mental health, so one of your first priorities in your Florida home should be to find some new friends. You could consider joining a local sports club or special interests society.  


You’ll need to ensure that you live near a quality medical center when you move to Florida. You may also need specialist services depending on your circumstances, like if you have kids or pre-existing medical conditions. You should look at the healthcare facilities in the area you’re planning to move to and ensure that they are suitable for your needs and acceptable for your health insurance plan.  


Having a job when you move is critical; even if you’re retired, it is crucial to have something to fill your time. If you are retired, you could consider finding a volunteering opportunity to help you meet new people and stay busy. If you haven’t retired yet, you’ll need to find a job that will be fulfilling and challenge your mind. There are many vital industries in Florida, so you’re sure to find the right match.  


One of the critical reasons people move to Florida is to enjoy the beautiful weather. Florida gets some of the best weather in the US, making it a popular destination for those that want sun, sea and sand in their daily lives. You will need appropriate attire if you plan to move to Florida, particularly if you’re coming from somewhere with a chillier climate. Breathable, loose-cut clothes are ideal, along with plenty of sunscreen.