Moving to London – What costs should I anticipate?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people from the UK and abroad relocate to London. The capital city has something for everyone. With over 2,000 years of history, there’s so much to explore, yet the city also benefits from beautiful parks and wide-open spaces. For food lovers in London, you can enjoy any cuisine. There’s always something new to try. London is an extremely diverse city, so no matter where you’re moving from, you’ll always be able to find a taste of home. If you’ve made the decision you want to move to the big smoke and indulge in all the arts and culture it has to offer, you’re probably wondering what costs are involved. 

Housing Costs

One of the first things you’ll want to do is find somewhere to live. London consists of 32 boroughs, so it’s worth doing some research to figure out roughly where you’d like to live. The costs of renting will also differ from borough to borough so this may affect you’d decision. This way, you can narrow down your search. In London, housing and rental prices are among the highest in the world, so you’ll want to find a room for rent, rather than a house or apartment. Renting a room is also a great way to meet new friends.

Public Transport 

Public transport frees in London are also among some of the highest in the world, so this is a cost you’ll want to factor in. The fare for where you travel on the tube depends on which zone you pass through. If you choose to travel via bus, tram, or cable car, they will charge a flat fee. Something you’ll want to do in your first week in London is to buy an Oyster card. You simply top the card up and use it to travel on any system in London. The Oyster card also gives you a range of discounts and benefits. 


Internet in the UK roughly costs between £19 – £34 a month, depending on your speed. You’ll usually need to commit to a 12-month contract, so it’s worth shopping around to get a good deal you’re sure you can commit to. If you find a room to rent in a house share, internet along with other bills are likely to be provided. 

Food Glorious Food

Overall, food prices in the UK can be quite high. This is due to the drop in the value of the pound and the fact a lot of food needs to be imported due to climate. That being said, there are so many options in London when it comes to eating, and you can find something for every budget. If you’re looking to save money in this area, opt for supermarkets like Aldi, Lidl, and Iceland, which tend to be cheaper and avoid the more expensive options like Waitrose and M&S.


Now, all that’s left is to book your flight. Of course, depending on where you’re moving from, the price of flights will differ massively. It’s worth using a comparison site to get the best deal.

Hopefully, this article will give you a good idea of what you’ll need to spend every month when moving to the UK and whether moving is the right option for you. You may also want to budget some extra money each month to enjoy this incredible city. 

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