Prop priorities: how to safely handle acrow props

Construction workers across Australia know that there are so many considerations to work safely on a building site. Risk management, site security, entry and exit points – all of these combine to ensure that Aussie builders are safe and able to get the job done with any health risks!

One of the most important considerations, of course, is how to keep the structure stable throughout the construction process. This is where the faithful acrow prop comes in handy. In use for nearly 100 years now, these imperative instruments are pivotal for ensuring the project and scaffolding is supported to the utmost capacity.

However, like other building instruments, using the best acrow props Adelaide has available come with imperative safety considerations, just so, you know, nothing unfortunate happens on site:

  • The ground must be stable!

First thing’s first: place them on some sturdy ground! We’re not talking loose dirt here – we’re talking some uber sturdy ground where there is going to be no risk of the project collapsing in a way that could incur serious injury as well as some costly project damage.

The best place to install them is on solid concrete, even making some tailor-made concrete plates for them to sit snugly on. You essentially want the ground to be levelled and solid, even using wooden boards to ensure the ground is even and levelled before attempting to install the instruments.

  • Get that scissor lift going

When ascending your acrow props, it’s essential not to position them in a skewed angle or one that could tip over at the pivotal moment. This is where the faithful scissor lift comes in handy, ensuring that you can follow the pole all the way to its ascension and maintain a sturdy grip on it in the process.

Scissor lifts are always handy to have on a construction site – we know this – and they are especially useful for ascending these vital pieces of scaffolding tech.

  • Make sure all the parts come with the set

Hiring this equipment in Australia is an incredibly safe process. However, this doesn’t mean you should overlook checking the set to ensure it has all its parts. This includes having the original pins – something that must be there to handle this equipment safely.

Although you can potentially use pins from other models, you will have to ensure that the props you’re borrowing the pins from are the same length as the model you will be using as well as checking that they are the exact size.

Do not use any random material to secure the model once it’s been ascended, and always ask the hire company to provide you with the original pins for the model they intend to provide – if they can’t provide the original pins then they shouldn’t be trying to flog off the model and you should seriously look elsewhere for a safe hire.

You’re good to go

Hiring this vita technology in Australia is a trouble-free process, especially when you have such experienced and reliable industry providers. However, it’s always essential to follow the correct safety precautions to ensure that your equipment not only supports the project, but also ensures the safety of you and your colleagues.

By following the correct safety procedures, you will not only optimise their efficiency, but you will be creating a safe construction working environment and not one you have to second guess every time you come into build!