What is Sams Annex Credit Card Charge ?

It is always a good habit to go through credit card transactions regularly. This can save you from potential fraud, and it eventually translates into money being saved. If you see any unusual transaction on your card, you need to raise it immediately with the credit card company. Some of our readers have recently reported a credit card transaction with the description Sams Annex. If you also noticed a similar transaction on your card, then please note that this transaction is from Sam’s Club. You can find out more information below.

What is Sams Annex Credit Card Charge

What is Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club is an online website and it offers products at wholesale prices. Many people join Sam’s Club to get better deals and offer additional services under the Sam’s Club. There are two types of membership available with Sam’s Club. One of them is the regular Club membership which costs $45 per year, and the second one is Plus which costs $100 per year. If you notice a charge of $45 or $100 on your card, then this would appear with the description Sams Annex. Many users reported that they incurred the charge as a renewal fee, and the membership was auto-renewed even without authorization. What should you do in such a case? We have shared more insights in the section below.

I Didn’t Authorize This Transaction; What Should I Do?

If you didn’t authorize the transaction and if you never opted for the auto-renewal, then the first thing that you should do is call Sams Club and ask them to initiate a refund. They are reachable at +1 800 964 1917. In addition, it would be wise to contact the credit card company and raise a dispute. This should help you get your money back. You must furnish some information while talking to Sams Annex support.

It can also appear as one of the following in your credit card Statement :

1 CHECKCARD sams annex
2 CHKCARD sams annex
3 CHKCARDsams annex
4 Misc. Debit sams annex
5 PENDING sams annex
6 POS Debit sams annex
7 POS PUR sams annex
8 POS PURCH sams annex
9 POS PURCHASE sams annex
10 POS REFUND sams annex
11 PRE-AUTH sams annex
12 Visa Check Card sams annex MC