Sell Your House Fast: 10 Best Secrets That Will Get It Done

Have you been dreaming about that beautiful little house in your favorite neighborhood? Then it is surely time to say goodbye to your old house.

Selling your house is not child’s play. Going through the regular channels means you have to find the right realtor to represent you. Once your house is listed, there’s nothing left to do but pray to the “gods of real estate” that it sells quickly and at your preferred price.

The worst part is that the longer it takes to sell, the more its value depreciates. So how can you sell your house fast?

10 Best-kept Secrets to Selling Your Home Faster

Have you been wondering “How can I sell my house fast?” Every house seller wants to make a quick sale.

Selling your house fast ensures that you can cut down on the upkeep and carry on with your future plans quickly.

Did you know that there are some genuine house buyers who are willing to buy your house fast and “as-is”?

You don’t even have to go through realtors or list your house. Companies like Crawford Home Buyers ( buy houses for cash, quickly, with no fees, no commissions, and no closing costs. Unlike conventional channels, this is the quickest and most hassle-free way to sell your house.

However, if you wish to sell your house for a little bit more cash, there are some secrets to getting it done quickly and profitably. Here are the ten best secrets that you can use to sell your house fast.


  • Say No to Clutter

One cannot emphasize enough how much decluttering helps make your house more appealing. We often don’t realize how clutter makes us dislike our own house. So, how can we expect other people to like it?

If you want to get more money for your house, you must declutter. The first step to decluttering is throwing out whatever you don’t need. Put completely useless things in the trash. Give it away if you don’t need it but someone else could make use of it.

If one reason you are moving away is shifting to a bigger house, then consider renting temporary storage. Less stuff means a lesser load for you to carry when you move to another house.

Reduce your furnishings to the bare minimum. The more decluttered and roomy your house looks, the more attractive it will be to potential buyers.


  • Keep it Squeaky Clean

From the moment you move into a house, it is in a state of constant use. Years of wear and tear can make your house really dirty. People often think that making upgrades is the only way to add value to your house. But sometimes, all you need is a good clean.

A dirty or messy house immediately ruins a buyer’s first impression. Your house should appear well-kept and squeaky clean.

After decluttering, start by dusting everything. Once you’re done with the dusting, use the vacuum to clean every nook and cranny. Wash the windows and make sure the outdoor space is also clean.

If you have a carpet, get it cleaned professionally or use a steam cleaner. Make sure to use the steam cleaner on your fabric couches and curtains as well.


  • It’s All About the Curb Appeal

One thing that every new house seller needs to be aware of is curb appeal. Curb appeal can make it or break it for your house. Think of it as the ‘face’ of your house. When a buyer pulls into the driveway, you must make that view worthwhile.

The first step to enhancing curb appeal is ensuring that the outside of the house looks perfect. This means there shouldn’t be any broken roof tiles or damaged fences. A damaged roof can put buyers off immediately, so make sure to use a Roofing Maintenance-Boise based company or a similar company in your own local area to have any holes fixed. Similarly, broken fencing can make a house look unkempt, but new fencing can be an eye-catcher, so it’s worth investing in.

If you have a front yard, you must keep the grass freshly mowed. Can you afford to spend some money on landscaping? If you can spare some cash, such improvements can improve the value of your house drastically. Keep the front of your house postcard perfect, and the buyers will start lining up.


  • Prioritize Necessary Repairs

Are you dying to move out of your house because it has become too expensive to live there? Even if the upkeep is killing you, if you want to sell your house for more money, you must make the necessary repairs.

Repair jobs are more important than renovation. When a buyer walks into a house that needs no repair, they will immediately find it more appealing.

Try to be thorough when looking for repairs. Remember that buyers will scrutinize and find that hole in the wall you covered with a painting.

Consider getting a professional inspection done to find out all the parts that need repairing, in case you missed any. This way, you will know if you need to look for an electrician to fix the wiring or a roofing company in Bentonville to repair your leaking roof and install new guttering.

  • Small but Certain Remodeling

Remodeling is always recommended if you are to add value to your home before listing it. But it is crucial to know which changes will help you get more money. Remember that a buyer will not see before and after. Even though the changes might be exciting for you, they might not be for a buyer.

You have to follow your instincts when remodeling. You have the advantage of actually living there. Think about what changes would increase the beauty and functionality of the house. For instance, if your roof is currently damaged and leaking and past its sell-by date, opting for roofing repair or a new roof would be a wise choice and offers great re-sale value too.

One kind of change that is always a hit is kitchen remodeling. Changes like adding an island, cabinets, or extra shelves might help make the kitchen more efficient and attractive. Realtors often say that they don’t sell houses, they sell kitchens. Make the kitchen look good, and buyers will be lining up.


  • Color the Interior and Exterior

One part of increasing curb appeal is painting the exterior. This includes walls, roof, fences, and other outdoor accessories. Painting the outside is crucial to making your house look new and appealing.

If you have lived in your house for over ten or fifteen years, you should also consider painting your roof tiles. You can also consider replacing the roof tiles if there is any damage.

When we live in a house, we might be tempted to paint the walls in whatever colors we like. No matter how artistically you give every room a character, a house with neutral paint on every wall will be more appealing to buyers. Consider painting the walls white or any pastel color that is pleasing to the eyes and goes with the decor.


  • Bring in the Light

If you ask any photographer, they will tell you that lighting can make all the difference. And, it’s true. If you are to set the stage for your “For Sale” house, you need to light it up. After all, no one wants to buy a house that is dark and dingy.

If the buyer comes to visit your house during the day, make sure to keep the curtains open. Natural light brightens your interiors and will make it look pleasant and inviting. People love houses that get a lot of sunlight.

If there aren’t many lights in the house, add a lamp or two. Replace cool white lights with warmer lights, which will make your house look more welcoming. Highlight the parts of your house you want to display, like a particular painting or designer furniture.

  • Make It Presentable

Once you have decluttered, cleaned, painted, and made all the necessary changes, you must make your house look presentable.

Real estate agents recommend moving out half of your possessions in order to make the house look ready for sale.

Setting the stage is crucial. You know how furniture shops set up sections like rooms? The furniture is well-arranged and displayed in a room setting, so that we know how it will look in our houses.

Aim for that clean look to make your house look like it is straight out of an interior design magazine pictorial.


  • Do Market Research

The moment you consider selling your house, you should start doing market research. Market research will not only help you understand the buyer trends but will also help you gain insights into competitors.

Learning how similar properties are doing in the market will help you set the right price for your house. Are there more houses for sale around the block? Go check them out and see how they compare to your house. The key is to learn from the competition and make your house more sellable.

Keeping an eye on the housing market will also help you understand when to put your house up for sale. The market can tip toward sellers anytime if there is high demand but a low supply of houses. So, stay updated on housing market conditions, especially when your house is ready to be listed.


  • Find the Right Agent

Are you thinking of selling your house through a real estate agent? You want to make sure you find the right one. Look for an experienced realtor who will help guide your house sale.

Learn about how much they will charge you for their services. The range of commission is generally four to six percent of the selling price. Ask if there are any hidden fees. Your realtor’s commission is often the highest fee you have to pay for selling a property. So, make sure the service is worth the money.

Your real estate agent should help you put your house on the market at the right time. If you feel like your house could sell for more money, but your realtor is not getting you the right buyers, switch to another agent.



We hope these secret tips to sell your house fast could help you prepare your house for sale. Declutter and clean before putting your house on listings. Make all the necessary repairs and renovate only if it adds value to your house.

Remember that your house must look impersonal and presentable to make it more appealing to buyers. Paint it in pleasant colors and set the stage with warm lights. Prepare your house right, and it will sell itself!


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