Top 7 Reasons why Valued Employees Quit

A steady, well-trained workforce is one of the many keys to a successful business. It’s always a significant loss when company time and resources are invested in an employee who then leaves early . Here are top reasons why a valued employee Quits , Have a glance and take preventive Steps to retain such People
Very Poor reward system :
Rewarding employees for a fantastic job can be done in a multitude of ways and by communicating with employees, bosses receive insight about what motivates their staff or what they value the most. Most of the Cases for an employee to quit is Poor rewarding System . if the one who performed and the one who is least bothered of work are rewarded similarly then it demotivate the performer and chances are high to retain such People .

Fail to Give Them A Voice:  Talented people have good thoughts, ideas, insights, and observations. If you don’t listen to them, It will demotivate them .

Family or other responsibilities can require flexibility that an employer is unable or unwilling to provide. In those cases, employees sometimes find it easier to quit than to rearrange their family obligations . Employer should make sure there is Work Life balance for all employees .

Bad Management :
There is a saying, “People don’t leave companies, they leave their managers” shows that recognition and reward coming from upper management is crucial for employees to stay continually committed. Now a days many managers are partial for a particular group bases on regional etc which demotivate others .

Too much work  Pressure :
Good employees are often capable of doing more than they are initially assigned with, which can be a tricky problem. That level of capability can result in an employee being asked to do more work than he or she can handle, which can lead to long hours, frustration at contributing more than the rest of the team and, ultimately, burnout

Failed To Keep Commitments: Promises made are worthless, but promises kept are invaluable. If management break trust by not keeping there promises then they feel betrayed and will definitely Quit the Job .

The job was not as expected : In the rush to hire, employers will over sell the job and not talk about any challenges the company is facing. Unfortunately, it becomes painfully obvious to the new hire once they get on board that things aren’t what they were touted to be and that breeds both dissatisfaction and mistrust.