What Are The Advantages Of A Research Panel ?

You have probably heard the term “research panel” before. A lot of people don’t know what it means. If you are among them, continue reading this article. 

A group of individuals who have been chosen to take part in on-going survey research is what is meant to be understood when one refers to the concept of a research panel. It refers to a subset of the population that is selected to take part in polls, surveys, and focus groups on a recurrent basis and for a prolonged length of time.

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The viability of the project

The cost of conducting market research can be reduced overall by using online research panels because of their superior targeting capabilities. When doing market research, it is common practice to get opinions from a select group of individuals. It’s possible that a customer will just desire responses from people with certain job functions or titles, sectors, demographics, or habits. ​

For instance, a customer may request comments from individuals who are located within a radius of fifty miles of Minneapolis and who consume at least two cups of coffee on a daily basis. Does that appear to be specific?

Many online research panels are known to collect information such as this on their participants. They are able to more effectively target survey invitations as a result of this. By limiting the reimbursements that they offer to survey responders, targeting invitations might promote more participation in the study.

Ease of taking a sample

The capacity of market research panels to specifically target invitations has the potential to make the collection of replies simpler.

The tools designed to handle quota requirements and procedural rewards are available to online research panels. Processing incentives can be complex, but online research panels make it very easy since they manage the entire procedure. This makes it possible for more people to participate in the study.

In addition, some online panels award responders with points that may be redeemed for things like gift cards, cash, and other prizes. Read more here


The use of online research panels, which have access to resources as well as partners, can assist keep costs down. Other ways of sampling, such as placing advertisements online as well as purchasing email addresses, might be pricey if they do not yield the desired return on investment.

Nevertheless, panel providers will supply their clients with a comprehensive pricing breakdown, which will allow you to understand how much it will cost for each survey that is finished.

The use of automated systems to acquire data

Control over the collecting of data can be given to project managers of online research panels. This can involve the management of quotas, the performance of the fieldwork in batches, and the halting of fieldwork after a quota has been satisfied. The research analysts will appreciate this time savings.

Convenient for responses

One further significant advantage of using online research panels is that respondents are aware of the procedure. Because online research panels oversee the process of reaching out to survey respondents, this reduces the amount of uncertainty that is there.

When putting together a research team, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Take a sample that is indicative of the whole

You are probably aware by now that the importance of research panels cannot be overstated. If a study is to be relevant to the issue that is being researched, the participants on the panel need to be representative of the population that is being studied. You need to take into account specific factors like age, gender, socio-professional category, or even elements such as purchasing patterns in order to create a trustworthy sample that is representative of the population. 

The truth of the matter is that the integrity of your statistics is only as good as the quality as well as representation of the consumers that take the survey. 

Examination of the sample

Before beginning the actual research, it is necessary to narrow down the pool of candidates for the panel in order to create the best possible sample. Screening is most effective during the initial survey, which is often a profile survey, with the goals of better understanding the target population, qualifying respondents for the panel, and establishing a baseline for further research depending on who respondents are.

Maintain active participation from the panel members to cut down on turnover

It is common for panelists to run out of steam in the midst of a panel research, particularly if they are not invested enough in the process. Find strategies to keep the panelists occupied in the time between polls, ensure that the surveys are ideally spaced out, and think about offering the panelists an incentive to continue participating.