What is Adam Mail 800-794-3316 NC Credit Card Charge ?

The Adam Mail scam is a scam that has been around for at least the last 10 years. It is a simple scam in which the victim receives an email from someone who claims to be Adam Mail. The email will have a subject line that looks like “Hi, I need your help.”

The email will then ask the victim to reply back with their phone number and address so that they can send them money. Once the victim has responded, they are then contacted by another person who says that they are Adam Mail and they need more information before sending money. They will ask for bank account information or other personal information to prove their identity.

What is Adam Mail 800-794-3316 NC Credit Card Charge

How to Fix the Issue of the Adam Mail 800-794-3316 NC Credit Card Charge?

In the United States, the Adam Mail 800-794-3316 NC Credit Card Charge is a scam that has been circulating for a while. The company adam mail is not real and the number 800-794-3316 is just another scammer number.

There are many ways to fix this issue. One way is to contact your credit card company and ask them to block or cancel your card if they have not already done so. Another way would be to contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-844-657-4357.

How to Avoid Adam Mail Phone Scams?

It is very easy for scammers to send fake emails and texts that look like they are coming from Adam Mail. They can also create fake websites that look like the real one.

If you receive an email or text message from Adam Mail, make sure that it is not a scam. If it is, you should delete it immediately.

You should also be aware of the fake websites which are created by scammers to steal your information or sell your personal data to third parties.

Also it can appear as one of the below in your card statement :

1 CHECKCARD Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
2 CHKCARD Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
3 CHKCARDAdam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
4 Misc. Debit Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
5 PENDING Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
6 POS Debit Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
7 POS PUR Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
8 POS PURCH Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
9 POS PURCHASE Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
10 POS REFUND Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
11 PRE-AUTH Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
12 Visa Check Card Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC MC

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