What is an ISU Webfood Credit Card Charge ?

ISU Webfood Credit Card SCAM CHARGE is a scam. The charge is not from the company, but rather from a third party company that has obtained your credit card information. This charge may appear on your statement as “Webfood Credit Card SCAM CHARGE” or “Webfood Credit Card”. If you see this charge on your account, please contact your bank immediately to dispute it. There is a lot more one needs to know for the same. 

Basically, The ISU WebFood Credit Card Scam is a scam that has been going on for a while. It works by offering a credit card with a low interest rate and then charging the customer an annual fee. The scammer’s goal is to get the customer to sign up for the card, which they will never use, and then be charged the annual fee.

How to Get Rid of ISU Webfood Charges on Your Credit Card Bill?

ISU Webfood is a food service that allows you to order from a variety of restaurants and delivery services. However, there are times when you may not be able to pay for your food. You can get rid of these charges on your credit card bill by following the steps below:

1) Log in to ISU Webfood

2) Click on the My Account button in the top right corner

3) Click on the Payment History tab at the top

4) Find the charge that you want to remove

5) Click on it and then click on Remove Charge.

How to protect yourself from these type of cyber attacks in the future?

The best way to protect yourself from these type of cyber attacks is to be careful and aware. You should always be suspicious if you think that you have been hacked or if someone has access to your account.

You should always check your credit card statement for any unusual transactions and make sure that the bank account is secure. You can also use a spam protection tool, to make sure that your email inbox is not clogged up with spam emails.

It may also appear as one of the below Transaction in Credit card statement

1 Checkcard isu hawthorn mkt cafe
2 Chkcard isu hawthorn mkt cafe
3 Chkcardisu hawthorn mkt cafe
4 Misc. Debit isu hawthorn mkt cafe
5 Pending isu hawthorn mkt cafe
6 Pos debit isu hawthorn mkt cafe
7 Pos pur isu hawthorn mkt cafe
8 Pos purch isu hawthorn mkt cafe
9 Pos purchase isu hawthorn mkt cafe
10 Pos refund isu hawthorn mkt cafe
11 Pre-auth isu hawthorn mkt cafe
12 Visa check card isu hawthorn mkt cafe mc

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