What is [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILLA Credit Card Charge?

What is MARKET@WORK 20673791 62 TUKWILLA Credit Card Charge

Many people asked about the charge appearing on their credit card with the description as [email protected] 62 TUKWILLA. The good news is that this transaction is most likely legitimate. So, you can take a deep breath since this is most likely not a fraud. But, would you like to learn more about this transaction with the description [email protected] TUKWILLA? Well, let us share some more information about this.

What Exactly is [email protected] 62 TUKWILLA Transaction?

When you notice the transaction with [email protected] TUKWILLA, you will most likely see a small amount corresponding to this transaction. These transactions represent the bill you paid at any vending machine, and any such transaction using a debit card or credit card will appear with this description. Now, think about the transaction and recall if you made any purchase using the vending machine on that particular day.

We hope that you will be able to recall the transaction by now, and you will have found the answer to your questions. If you are still in doubt, you can call your bank and ask them about the location or description of the transaction, and the bank should be able to answer the details. If someone is using an add-on card, you can check about the purchases on any vending machine made by them.

What If I Didn’t Make This Transaction?

There is still a minute probability that you might not have made this transaction. If you are 100% sure that you didn’t purchase anything from the vending machine, then you would need to call the bank and raise a fraud. They will start the investigation, and you must also go ahead and block the card immediately. We understand that living without the card for a few days can be inconvenient, but this will cut any further fraudulent transactions on your card.

It may also appear as one of the below in Your Statement

1 CHECKCARD [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
2 CHKCARD [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
3 [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
4 Misc. Debit [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
5 PENDING [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
6 POS Debit [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
7 POS PUR [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
8 POS PURCH [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
9 POS PURCHASE [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
10 POS REFUND [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
11 PRE-AUTH [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA
12 Visa Check Card [email protected] 20673791 62 TUKWILA, WA MC

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