What is MTO RUS SO ECHANNEL Downsview on Credit Card Charge ?

What is MTO RUS SO ECHANNEL Downsview on Credit Card Charge

We often notice a charge coming up on the credit card all of a sudden. This could be because of a subscription or any other reason as well. Since the amount can vary, the stress associated with the transaction may also vary. You can never be sure if you have been scammed or if it is an actual charge until you do some research about it. Some of our readers complained that a charge with the description MTO RUS- SO eChannel Downsview appeared on the credit card. This charge may seem suspicious at first because of the description of the transaction. In this article, we have shared more information about this charge so that you can understand if it is a legit one or not.

What is MTO RUS SO ECHANNEL Downsview All About?

If you have lived in Ontario or presently live in Ontario, the probability of finding this charge is very high. So, to begin with, we can tell you that this charge is not a fraudulent charge, and it is most likely an actual charge. Any charge with the description MTO RUS SO ECHANNEL Downsview comes from the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario. This is a government department, and it has everything to do with transportation.

The Ministry of Transportation in Ontario takes care of licensing, registration, and other coordination-related activities of the vehicles and individuals. So, it can be said that the charge that appears on your card with the description MTO RUS- SO eChannel Downsview are related to motor vehicles. The renewal of a driver’s license may also get charged with the same description.

You should note that the driving license in Ontario is valid only for five years, so this means that you would have to appear in the driving test again. Whenever you renew your driving license, you would need to pay the renewal fee, and a credit card is a popular payment method. Any such payment would reflect MTO RUS- SO eChannel Downsview on the credit card.

So, you need to recall if you made any such payment to the Ministry of Transport, and this will help you figure out if the charge is legit or not. If the charge is not legit, you would have to deal with it differently, or else, you are good to ignore the charge.

What If I Haven’t Taken Any Service?

If you haven’t availed of any service from the Ministry of Transport, you need to contact them and resolve the problem. The chances of fraud are quite low, but it is still possible. You can check with the local services in Canada and raise a dispute if you are sure that this transaction has not been made by you. You should also call the bank and report the transaction so that they can block and reissue your credit card. Apart from this, the bank can also raise a dispute on your behalf, and they will be able to initiate a chargeback. Keep your card safe for the future so that your card doesn’t get misused. 

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