What Is MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA Credit Card Charge ?

What Is MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA Credit Card Charge

Many of us purchase games, software, and applications online, and most of these get billed using our credit cards. Many of us even subscribe to these services, and the subscription is charged automatically on the card. Now the problem with the services is that many of us cannot figure out what these charges are, at least by looking at the description of these transactions. So, what do you do now? Well, let us help you figure out more information about MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA transactions.

What Exactly Is MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA All About ?

As per our investigation, we found that MS in the description stands for Microsoft. The transactions could be for any service that you have subscribed for from Microsoft, or it can be for any product that you have purchased online. Most of the people who had this transaction reported purchase from Microsoft, or they purchased a Minecraft Subscription owned by Microsoft. So, you need to recall if you made any such purchases. You can also review your order history by logging into your account and checking the status, and this should help you find the answer to your question.

What Next?

If you have noticed this transaction on your card and are sure that you haven’t made any purchase, you need to call Microsoft on the number mentioned in the transaction description. You will have to answer some of the questions for the executive before he can help you with more details. The agent may be able to cancel the transaction and initiate a refund. If he cannot help, you need to call the bank and inform them of the possible fraud. They will be able to help you initiate a refund. Also, don’t forget to cancel your card and get a new one.

Other Names for the same transaction :

2 CHKCARD MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA
4 Misc. Debit MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA
5 PENDING MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA
6 POS Debit MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA
7 POS PUR MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA
8 POS PURCH MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA
10 POS REFUND MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA
11 PRE-AUTH MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA
12 Visa Check Card MSFT *OFFICE 800-642-7676 WA MC

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