What Is Lowes #00907 866-483-7521 NC Credit Card Charge ?

What Is Lowes #00907 866-483-7521 NC

It is a good habit to review the financial transactions on your credit card. At the same time, you must review your bank statements regularly. We are sure that while reviewing the transactions, you find the transactions you cannot recall. There are also times when you receive alerts about the transactions, and you find them suspicious because of the description of the transaction. Many of our readers have requested information about the transaction with the description Lowes #00907 866-483-7521 NC. Find out more information about this transaction in the section below.

What Are Transactions with Lowes #00907 866-483-7521 NC About?

Lowes #00907 866-483-7521 NC are the transactions made on the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store website. You should recall if you made any transaction with Lowe’s Home Improvement store, which should resolve your concern. You should note that many people also reported a transaction on their card for purchases made a couple of months ago. Such transactions appeared because Lowe initiated the settlement process a little later than anticipated. If you haven’t made any transaction at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store, this could be a possible fraud. You can check out the steps to deal with this transaction in the next step.

What Next?

Since these transactions are from Lowe’s Home Improvement Store, you need to call them and seek clarification about the transaction. Most likely, customer care will be able to share the details about the transaction with you. They will also be able to cancel the transaction and initiate the refund process. You must also call the bank and notify them about the same. The bank will cancel your card, and they will initiate an investigation. If the Lowe’s Home Improvement Store refuses to initiate the refund, the bank will be able to help you with the same.

It may also appear as below:

1 CHECKCARD LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
2 CHKCARD LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
3 CHKCARDLOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
4 Misc. Debit LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
5 PENDING LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
6 POS Debit LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
7 POS PUR LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
8 POS PURCH LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
9 POS PURCHASE LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
10 POS REFUND LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
11 PRE-AUTH LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC
12 Visa Check Card LOWES #00907* – 866-483-7521 NC MC

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