What is pawg and When Can You Use It


The internet is saturated with cultural and social politics, dating back to its popularity beginning around the turn of the century. With that comes a double edged sword. On one hand, we have access to a wider range of information and knowledge than ever before. Simultaneously, niche communities of interests can connect and build connections in a way that history hasn’t seen prior to the internet. With all of these positives, however, come a slew of negatives including emboldened and sometimes assaulting forms of communication. One of the key ways that this has evolved on the internet is through the use of slang. Slang allows communities to communicate about subject matter that is either secretive, gatekept, or taboo in nature. Slang and acronyms can be used for all kinds of purposes, with some being more casual and appropriate for day to day use, and others are more aggressive and should be avoided. An example of such language is the term pawg. In this article, we will explore what this term means, and when it is typically used. 

What is pawg? 

Pawg is an acronym that stands for ‘phat ass white girl.’ The first word in this acronym, ‘phat’ is an acronym in and of itself. ‘Phat’ originally stands for ‘pretty hot and thick.’ However, culturally it is used as an adjective meaning excellent. The music world has also adopted the term ‘phat’ to refer to a good sounding beat. In this case however, the term phat refers to the prior definition. 

The problem with the term pawg at large, if it isn’t obvious by reading it, is that it objectifies one particular attribute about a person’s form. While some who use this term may intend to mean it as a compliment, it overtly sexualizes the person who the term is aimed at and can make that individual feel both uncomfortable and unsafe. Calling an individual this term, directly or indirectly, is textbook objectification and sexual harassment. Any time an unsolicited comment is made about a person’s form for the purpose of sexualizing a particular attribute, that can be and is interpreted as harassment.

When Is It Typically Used? 

A dictionary search of the term pawg will prompt some varying responses, but all generally agree that it describes a woman or individual with a large, but not necessarily oversized, butt. It is typically used referring to specific individuals, and to common knowledge has no other use or adapted meaning, such as the word ‘phat’ being adapted to refer to pleasing groove and rhythm in music. This term is typically used as slang to describe and talk about individual women, and the most prominent place it’s used is in online communities. The purpose of this is up to speculation, but it’s likely to hide the nature of the conversation for those that aren’t in the community or would take offense to the term. Other than between individuals, the only other place one might see this term used is in adult film titles or adult media.


When Can You Use It 


There are few to no circumstances that call for using this term. If used directed at a person, it should be understood that no matter how it’s meant, it’s never ok to objectify someone. Especially if it’s a stranger, and especially on the internet where interactions can escalate quickly. As mentioned before, using any slang to sexualize someone without their consent is always wrong. While this term might seem like a compliment to some, it’s generally better to air on the side of caution and eliminate it from one’s vocabulary. With so many different opinions and communities merging on the internet, the best thing that we can all do is be as respectful as possible to one another. It’s never fun to make someone else’s experience bad, whether that was the intention or not. 

While there is no appropriate application of this term as a slang word, it’s always possible that certain organizations use abbreviations that are close to or similar to the original acronym. In this case, when representing the name of an organization that uses those initials, the term would then be appropriate to use. However, organizations should consider whether having the term pawg would attract unwanted attention to their business. 


The bottom line here is that the term pawg is generally considered to be not only rude, but potentially assaulting to the person it’s being said to. Whenever someone sexualizes another individual without their consent, it’s always harassment and never ok. It’s important that we empower ourselves with the knowledge of what these terms are so that we don’t use them by accident or potentially put someone in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation. We should always make an effort to respect those around us and choose our language carefully. 


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