What is Venmo 855-812-4430 NYUS Credit card Scam Charge?

What is Venmo 855-812-4430 NYUS Credit card Charge

Did you see a transaction with Venmo 855-812-4430 NYUS on your credit card? Well, we hate to break it to you, but this is most likely a fraudulent transaction. Several users online have reported fraud wherein a similar transaction appeared on their card as well. You can read the information on this page to understand more about Venmo 855-812-4430 NYUS and how to resolve the issue.

What Exactly is Venmo 855-812-4430 NYUS ?

Venmo is a company owned by PayPal, and it is a mobile payment service. The application was initially used for splitting bills and making such peer-to-peer transactions; however, in recent times, this app has been used to do transactions from stolen credit card details. To find out more about this transaction and to determine if it is a fraud or not, what you can do is you can analyze the transaction and understand if you made paid a similar amount to someone else for a job or anything else. If you don’t recall any such payment you made, this could be a potential fraud. Start by blocking your card immediately to prevent any further loss.

How Do I Deal With This Fraud?

Venmo’s helpline is of little use in such a case. You would need to call your bank to address the problem, and the sooner you call, the better it would. Hotlist your card and inform the bank about the potential fraud. They can withhold the settlement, and they will then start an investigation into this. Many users reported that the refund was initiated for them, but it took over months to get the refund for some users. So, you need to keep following up with the bank to find out the transaction’s status until you receive a refund. We hope this information helps you in understanding more about Venmo 855-812-4430 NYUS.

It may also appear as one of the below in Your Statement

1 CHKCARDVENMO 855-812-4430 NYUS
3 CHKCARD VENMO 855-812-4430 NYUS
4 Misc. Debit VENMO 855-812-4430 NYUS
5 PENDING VENMO 855-812-4430 NYUS
6 POS Debit VENMO 855-812-4430 NYUS
7 POS PUR VENMO 855-812-4430 NYUS
8 POS PURCH VENMO 855-812-4430 NYUS
10 POS REFUND VENMO 855-812-4430 NYUS
11 PRE-AUTH VENMO 855-812-4430 NYUS
12 Visa Check Card VENMO 855-812-4430 NYUS MC

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