What is MICROSOFT.COM REDMOND WA Credit Card Charge ?

hat is MICROSOFT.COM REDMOND WA Credit Card Charge

We all interact with one or the other Microsoft product in our daily lives. It could be a Windows operating system or one of their applications from the MS Office Suite. The Xbox also belongs to Microsoft, and it is one of their flagship gaming product. So, having a transaction from Microsoft may sound natural to most of us. The transaction in concern here, MICROSOFT.COM REDMOND WA, is a transaction towards one of the Microsoft Products or Services. We have shared more information about this transaction on this page.

Tell Me More About MICROSOFT.COM REDMOND WA Transaction..!

As mentioned earlier, the transactions with MICROSOFT.COM REDMOND WA are made to purchase Microsoft Products. This can be a transaction for a subscription to Office 365, or it can be a transaction to purchase games on Xbox. You can log in to your Microsoft account and visit the account settings to check your order history. There you will find an option for order history. You can now compare the charges with the credit card statement. If you don’t see anything in the order history, it is possible fraud.

It’s a Fraud..!

If you haven’t made any transaction on Xbox or Microsoft, you need to do some work to get a refund. To get the refund, you need to call the Microsoft Helpline or get into Live Chat Support with them. Once that is done, you need to share the details with them and figure out if you made the transaction or if you had been a victim of online fraud. If you are a victim here, then Microsoft will help you cancel the services they provide for payment through your credit card, and they will help you get a refund. Also, you should call your bank and block your card to prevent any further losses. 

1 Chkcardmicrosoft.Com redmond wa
2 Checkcard microsoft.Com redmond wa
3 Pos debit microsoft.Com redmond wa
4 Pos pur microsoft.Com redmond wa
5 Pos purch microsoft.Com redmond wa
6 Pos purchase microsoft.Com redmond wa
7 Pos refund microsoft.Com redmond wa
8 Pre-auth microsoft.Com redmond wa
9 Pending microsoft.Com redmond wa
10 Visa check card microsoft.Com redmond wa mc
11 Misc. Debit microsoft.Com redmond wa
12 Chkcard microsoft.Com redmond wa

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