What is WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA Credit Card Charge ?

What is WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA Credit Card Charge

Off lately, we have received a lot of queries about WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA Credit Card Charge, and some of the people have been very stressed about this transaction because the name doesn’t sound familiar to them. We can, however, help you understand more about this transaction, so go ahead and check out more information below.

So What is WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 Transaction?

Do you remember donating any funds to GoFundMe.Com? If so, then the transaction WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 is made on GoFundMe.com. You can match the amount, and this will clear your doubts. GoFundMe.com is a crowdfunding platform used to donate money to people in need. You will find many such advertisements on social media about these campaigns. While checking the transaction, it is worth checking that this is not a recurring transaction. Sometimes, you may opt for recurring donations to different campaigns every month. Also Check agi tmo service fee .

What If I Didn’t Make This Transaction?

There are times when the stolen credit card details are used on GoFundMe.Com for the personal interest of cyber frauds. In such a case, you would need to raise a dispute on this transaction with the credit card issuer. To raise a dispute, call the credit card issuer and report the specifics of the WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 transaction. They will place an inquiry to find out more about the transaction. The earlier you report the transaction, the better it would be. The settlement for this particular transaction will be canceled, and hence you will not incur any loss.

While you talk to customer care to report the transaction, it is also worth blocking and replacing your card to avoid any loss in the future. This is assuming that your credit card details have been stolen, and you will still be vulnerable after raising a dispute with your credit card company. This two-point process will help you recover losses and avoid any losses in the future.

It may also appear as one of the below in Your Statement

1 WPY*Booster
2 CHECKCARD WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
3 CHKCARD WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
4 CHKCARDWPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
5 Misc. Debit WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
6 PENDING WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
7 POS Debit WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
8 POS PUR WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
9 POS PURCH WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
10 POS PURCHASE WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
11 POS REFUND WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
12 PRE-AUTH WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
13 Visa Check Card WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA MC
16 WPY*Booster 855-469-3725 VA
17 WPY*BOOSTER 855-469-3729
18 WPY*Booster 855-469-3729 VA
19 WPY*BOOSTER 855-469-3729 VA 49272222 512492
22 WPY*Booster MCLEAN VA
24 WPY*BOOSTER855-469-3729 CA

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