What to Expect When Working With a Sexual Interference Lawyer

If you are charged with sexual interference, it is vital that you seek legal advice immediately. A criminal defence attorney can help defend you and protect against harsh penalties should a conviction occur.

An effective attorney should demonstrate their experience by showing off the number of settlements they have secured for clients and discuss their case strategy without hesitation.


Sexual assault attorneys with experience will be able to advise on your legal options for seeking justice in either criminal prosecution or civil litigation, including explaining statutes of limitation and privacy rules applicable to your case – as well as protections from being publicly identified during criminal cases.

Your chosen lawyer must also demonstrate they have successfully handled numerous sexual assault cases in the past, with evidence such as case histories or settlement figures for victims of sexual assault that they have secured for them.

These attorneys will also explain how they will protect your rights during a sexual assault defense case, such as refusing to permit any police questioning without an attorney present, as well as attending any required court appearances and offering emotional support through this difficult experience.


A quality sexual interference lawyer will take the time to understand how these allegations have affected you personally, fighting tirelessly on your behalf and safeguarding your reputation from day one.

At each stage of the case, they will take the time to listen carefully and understand your story and any evidence available, such as medical records or testimony from witnesses. Furthermore, they will explain any legal terminology associated with your situation so you have a full grasp of what is occurring and your potential options.

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A good sexual interference lawyer will be compassionate and provide a comfortable environment in which to discuss sensitive details. They should also remain accessible throughout your case, keeping you updated along the way.

One approach to sexual interference charges is raising reasonable doubt about the intent behind an act, specifically that it was done for sexual purposes. A good lawyer will be able to gather sufficient corroborative material.

An important component of successfully defending sexual interference claims is showing that the alleged victim did not provide consent, such as through evidence of coercion or manipulation. Furthermore, if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of an incident or unconscious they cannot provide valid consent; collecting relevant evidence such as emails, texts messages and photographic images are crucial aspects.


Sexual assault victims suffer the added trauma of being falsely accused and being wrongly associated with crimes they didn’t commit themselves, especially when an incident took place between someone they trust and another who initially committed the assault against them.

An experienced sex crimes attorney will work to demonstrate that the other party breached their duty of care towards you, leading directly to an alleged sexual assault.

Sexual assault sentencing guidelines vary considerably, depending on the severity of the offense, the offender’s criminal history, and other factors. Offenders with histories of sexual assault are more likely to receive prison time and will likely be considered persistent felons; regardless of this classification, being convicted will result in your name being listed on the National Sex Offender Registry.