What Types of Compensation Can I Recover if I Win My Personal Injury Lawsuit in NYC ?

An accident can be fatal; if not, the injuries can be very serious and painful. When a person has suffered numerous financial and emotional damages, it is fair that they should receive compensation. The law ensures that the victims can receive compensation for their suffering after an accident. The effect of a construction accident on decent, hard working people can have a terrible physical, emotional, and psychological toll.

It is always important to have the best NYC construction accident lawyers on hand if you get involved in a construction accident. There could be a lot of complex liability issues related to the construction accident lawsuit. Having a professional attorney with experience and resources to go against any insurance company can defend your rights of compensation when you have been injured in an accident. Professional attorneys have helped many construction workers with personal injuries to obtain financial compensation. There are different types of compensation available in a personal injury lawsuit in New York City.

Medical Bills

The recovery process from an injury can be very expensive. When you win the personal injury lawsuit, you receive the cost of all the medical procedures, such as surgery, physical therapy, medication, equipment like a wheelchair or a prosthetic, and even a home nurse. 

Property Damage

Property damage happens if, during the accident, personal property such as a car, phone, jewelry, etc., got damaged or destroyed, then you could get compensation for financial losses resulting from the damages. This compensation includes replacement or repairs for your damaged property. If the property was irreplaceable, your compensation could be beyond its initial value.

Pain and Suffering

This is something based on less tangible factors, and you will need the assistance of an attorney to determine the amount of compensation for going through all the pain and suffering after the accident. Sometimes you have to face the emotional trauma that you would have never had to go through if not for the accident. The pain and suffering compensation depends on the severity of the injuries, how long they will take to heal, medical treatment received, and if you need more therapies or surgery.

Loss of Income

Having an accident and missing work during your recovery can put you in a very difficult financial situation when you are not getting a paycheck but you still need to make sure that your day to day expenses are covered. You have the right to get benefits for the lost wage when you could not go back to work as a result of the injuries and restrictions from the doctor’s treatment. It is important to hire a construction accident attorney to help you fight for the compensation that you deserve. You need a professional lawyer to help calculate the value of your lost income.

Permanent Disability

Sometimes an accident can cause a temporary or even permanent disability and you can get compensated for the income you will not receive due to the disability when your earning capacity has been reduced. Unfortunately a permanent disability can lower quality of life, leaving the victim unable to enjoy life the way they used to before the injury. This is the reason why they can get compensation but calculating the cost should be left to experienced attorneys.

Wrongful Death

When working in construction, accidents occur all the time. Unfortunately, some of those can end in death, such as electrocution, a fall from a great height, a construction site explosion, and getting struck by a falling object. In that case, the family members of the deceased are entitled to compensation for the wrongful death.  They could receive compensation for funeral and burial expenses and the loss of the financial and emotional support of your loved one. Additionally, they might receive compensation for the loss of the inheritance they would have received if the family member did not suffer a wrongful death.