Why Ethereum was arguably the foundation of networked blockchain

Blockchain has developed in recent times to be more than simply a basis and a storage system for crypto currency. It has become a means of saving information, smart contracts and networking for the modern era. These advances may be seen as recent, and yet it could be argued that early Ethereum was the brainchild and the foundation for the networked blockchain and some of the most important blockchain uses of today.

The Blockchain network

The blockchain is a distributed ledger or record of transactions and a means to manage your e-investments and assets. In recent times there have been improvements, and this form of recording and tracing, orders, purchases and even the production process has become more widely used in the world of business.

Blockchain tech allows for transactions to be faster, safer and cheaper as the information is amended and transmitted between the various parties to the transaction.

The aspects of Ethereum that originated the network

From the outset, Ethereum was a little different to Bitcoin and looked instead to provide a range of applications and services, all paid for and based on the associated crypto, Ether (ETH). This was the first crypto currency that saw the value in using blockchain for more than crypto payments and security. Ethereum is thus a crypto currency that is a lot more about the ETH price index than it is about the blockchain tech and networking capability that the ETH will allow you access to.

Can build decentralized applications on its network

Ethereum is the blockchain tech of choice, used by developers and businesses that create technology. The decentralized Ethereum network allows for a number of developers to be able to simultaneously work on the application and take it to completion. It has been called the world’s first programmable blockchain and it is for the reason that so many use it for gaming and shared IT development.

Initiate and complete smart contracts

The ability to initiate a specific set of terms based on an ‘if-then’ set of criteria, was first made possible with Ethereum. Just as a normal contract these can be used for sales and purchases, transfer of deeds or just for simple automated operations to increase business efficiencies. These smart contracts have now been used for e-voting on a widescale basis and the transfer and exchange of NFTs’. It is arguably a means of technological interaction that was first created by Ethereum.

Community development

Ethereum was the first Crypto to progressively push for its users to suggest improvements, The aim was to have the Ethereum community making the developments to the crypto and blockchain which would take the currency to the next level. Leading to a level of innovation, not seen in the other cryptos of the time.

These initial innovations and tweaks of the blockchain tech that Ethereum brought to the fore have now been taken up and included in a number of different other crypto currencies. The idea of the internet of blockchains may be something recent and current, and yet Ethereum had these concepts and ideas as a starting point.