What Is Adam Mail Hillsborough NC Credit Card Charge ?

What Is Adam Mail Hillsborough NC Credit Card Charge

Credit Card frauds are very prevalent today, and that is why you need to be very careful about your credit card details. Apart from this, you also need to keep reviewing your statement to ensure that there is no illegitimate charge on the credit card. You can even set up some of the security services on your card like the one offered by Experian, as that can protect your interest. Since you are on this page, we are sure you are investigating a charge associated with Adam Mail Hillsborough, NC. We will help you figure out what this charge is about, so go ahead and check out the details below.

What Exactly Is Adam Mail Hillsborough NC?

If you see a charge with the description Adam Mail Hillsborough NC in your bank statement, then that has been charged by Adam & Eve Sex Toy Website. The website’s description is enough to tell you what this charge is all about. Now, try and recall if you made any purchase of the sex toy. If not, then this could be a fraudulent transaction. You can check if you received any package from them or not, and if not, then you might want to raise a fraud. However, if you made any purchase from this website, you should be fine, and there is no need to panic.

What Next ?

Many people on the internet have reported a fraudulent transaction with the same description. Well, if you haven’t purchased any sex toy, but if you still see such a charge on your credit card, then you need to cancel the card immediately. You would also need to call the merchant and the bank to withhold the funds and cancel the order. The bank will help you create a chargeback, which should solve your problem regarding the refund.

This Transaction may appear as one of the below :

1 CHECKCARD Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
2 CHKCARD Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
3 CHKCARDAdam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
4 Misc. Debit Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
5 PENDING Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
6 POS Debit Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
7 POS PUR Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
8 POS PURCH Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
9 POS PURCHASE Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
10 POS REFUND Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
11 PRE-AUTH Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC
12 Visa Check Card Adam Mail – * 800-794-3316 NC MC

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