What Is INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA Credit Card Charge ?

What Is INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA Credit Card Charge

Many of us use third-party websites to pay taxes using a credit card. These portals make it easy to make payments, and they are also very user-friendly. Some of these charges show up with a weird description on your statement. One such transaction that you may come across is INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA. In this article, we will share more information about INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA so that you can distinguish between a legitimate and a fraudulent transaction. Scroll below and check out the details now.

What is INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA About?

If you have used TurboTax.com to pay income tax, then the transaction that would appear on your card would bear the description INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA. Now, you need to recall if you have used any such service or not. If you have used services from TurboTax.com, this is a legit transaction; however, if you haven’t used this portal for any transaction, this could be a fraudulent transaction. We came across all types of users who reported this as a legit transaction and the users who reported this as a scam. So if you fall in the latter category, you need to review the next section of this page.

What Next?

We assume that you didn’t make any such transaction, so now we will tell you how to claim a refund or a chargeback. To address the concern, you need to call the bank. They will investigate the transaction once you share the description, and they will help you with the refund. Remember that time is the key here, and they will be able to help you quickly if you report the transaction to them as soon as possible. The transactions which are still pending are easy to deal with as the bank can withhold the settlement process for such transactions. 

Other names for the Same Transaction

1 CHECKCARD INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
2 CHKCARD INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
3 CHKCARDINTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
4 Misc. Debit INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
5 PENDING INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
6 POS Debit INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
7 POS PUR INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
8 POS PURCH INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
9 POS PURCHASE INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
10 POS REFUND INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
11 PRE-AUTH INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA
12 Visa Check Card INTUIT *18004INTUIT 800-446-8848 CA MC

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